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Our modern moms struggle to understand why their daughters so strongly attracted to the virtual dolls, which they constantly wear, change their hair, feed, etc. After a long time ago, when there were no computers when moms were children, they have had only one favorite doll, which was not very beautiful and had only one or two dresses, and special beauty of their hair, it does not stand out. Although Soviet industry was not different manufacturing beautiful dolls, but this doll was the favorite of all the girls at the time. She is constantly dragged behind him on a walk in the yard, seated next to him at dinner, trying to feed her soup or gruel, stacked next to each other to sleep, sang her a song or read a fairy tale. Cared for her as a present for a child. That's why watching how your child is sitting behind the monitor and play with a virtual doll, we do not understand what's the advantage. And for some reason we feel sad, because we understand that this box seems to be replacing many of the basic instincts and basic needs of any human being. But it really is not. After all, the computer can open us to a very large number of new and different opportunities. Games Doll is no exception. These virtual toys are created by developers are very colorful and bright. Special distinguishing features of the game's plot, in principle, no. Basically, these games are executed as different odevalok. There will need to help your heroine to find the right outfit for different moments of life, to make her unusual hairstyle or pick up an original and unique makeup. The widest selection of dolls in a virtual world is possible in real life, only daughter of some billionaire. And then there are a variety of images of virtual dolls and, respectively, and all sorts of accessories. Clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, cars, pets for a variety of interior rooms and more featured in these games online. These unique opportunities overseas kids have had many years ago, and our children are just beginning to receive certain portions. Today it is possible to find in the Internet the extensive collection of flash games doll theme. And these games are usually free and will not require the activation of different toll after a certain time. So do not worry if your little fashionista fascinated by such a good child and a toy online. It's just that your child have a great opportunity to speak and be entertained with such details doll games that it does not have in real life.

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